Fossil Shell Flour:-

* Will eliminate all internal and external parasites, increase skeletal growth & can be placed in nest boxes for insect infestations.

* Will eliminate E-coli bacteria, repair and remove pain from arthritic joints, improve all round general health.

* Dosage:-  1/2 teaspoon per 5kg of seed.


B9 Multi-Vitamin - Electrolyte:-

* Will detoxify and remove toxins, including heavy metals  such as - zinc, mercury, viruses, e-coli etc, pesticides  Ammonia odours course bad bacteria to override good bacteria in the gut, preventing the bird or animal obtaining nutrients to thus leaving them run down.

* B9 should be given two/three times per week/ or daily for birds or animals showing stress or signs of being run down until they have recovered. Especially useful when travelling to and from shows.

* Dosage:-  1/2 teaspoon per 5kg of seed.



Avian Gold Oil Birds:-

* This formula of oil is not like any other oil. It is 62% protein & is highly beneficial for growth . It contains omega 3,6 & 9 @ (2,4:1 ratio), so it works. sSlenium promotes a healthy thyroid, plus activating vitamin E for fertility.

* Including a range of vitamins, minerals, amino acids built into the one Gold Oil.

Dosage: 1ml /1 kilo of seed.



VolcaMin Red Bird Grit/  VolcaMin Finch & Canary Bird Grit/  

VolacMin Red Tonic Grit: large bird varieties-


* Derived from volcanic deposits - Benefits – Attacks and absorbs contaminants, such as heavy metals, zinc, mercury, viruses, e-coli etc, pesticides, ammonia odours – all these things contribute to birds not being able to gain nutrients & vitamins.

* As ammonia builds up it enables bad bacteria to flourish in the birds gut, thereby absorbing all benefits before bird is able to gain weight.   VolcaMin particle under a microscope has an area of two tennis courts, which is huge for its size. This is how it can capture all contaminants and pass safely through the bird.  Increases fertility and general well being of your birds.

Dosage: -  1/4 teaspoon /1 kilo of seed. 



Chia Seed -  Birds:-

* Aids wound healing / Has anti-allergic properties / Boosts the immune system

Good for respiratory system / Stronger, faster growing nails / Promotes healthy glossy feathers/ Repairs & maintains cellular walls / Encourages a strong metabolism / Supports a healthy heart and blood circulation.

*  Maintains supple joints and healing in connective tissues / Assists correct development of nervous system, brain, muscles and skeleton/ Economical - replaces several products in one simple grain.

Chia has no strong flavour.

Dosage: - 1/2 cup /  5kg of seed daily.


These five products will keep pets,breeding animals & birds alike in total health and build resistance to disease, as well as adding texture and coat condition for enhanced showing conditions.



You are welcome to contact us with any questions and our amazing Natural Bird Feeding Program.


Avian Vitality are the distributors in Australia for Aviform products for cage & avairy birds.....


World reknown Aviform has supplements for birds/ cats/ dogs & horses.


Birds are taking this product very regularly and one quote - is has taken my birds to the next level in health & noise.  We only have 2 x 1 ltre bottles left from the first shipment, which has been accepted very quickly. 

There may be a delay in replenishing this product.   So, grab your bottle soon, so you dont miss out.





* Fossil Shell Flour – ½ teaspoon / 5kg of seed – mixed thoroughly.

* Avian B9 Multi-Vitamin – 3 times / week.  1 teaspoon – 2 kilos of seed

* AV Gold Bird Oil – 1mil / 1kg of seed, daily in finger drawers.

* VolcaMin Grit – given neat in aviaries and in finger drawers in cabinets.


Weekly Supplement Feeding Recipe:

 Avian Grains & Greens + Hemp Oil (3 times per week).

AV Gold Oil

Sunflower Kibble

Seaweed Meal

Chia Seed

Beetroot Powder

Spirulina Powder

Brewers Yeast Powder

Protexin Probiotic

(More information in the Bird Shop - click on the picture left to go shopping)



Would highly recommend the use of:-

* Coccivet & Amprolium 200 (these two drugs are for Coccidia only), to stop the Coccidia gaining resistance I would advise the use of both drugs on a rotation basis.

* Triple C – excellent for use in aviary & cabinets for the treatment and prevention of enteritis, psittacosis and other crop infections etc. (broad spectrum anti-biotic).

* Spark – is also an excellent source of energy – after the use of coccidia treatments which I recommend (7 days treatment / every 2 months), to keep coccidia at bay, and it will sprout up when birds are breeding (stressed) and when wet weather.



Coccidia treatments are very safe – but also remove vitamin B from birds, and I would suggest having on hand:

Troy Vite B powder – given in seed – after treatment, as with vitamins and probiotics, should not be used whilst medicating birds.


AV Feeding Bird Feeding Program -  has benefited our stud, Immensely with high fertility, quality, healthy chicks.  The program can be used all year round, including birds in flights, so that they are prepared when they are eventually mated.


The information given is a guide only - and should give results, that I have achieved over the past 3 breeding seasons - with over 2000 birds bred.


Avian Vitality

Fossil Shell Flour

Geniune Fossil Shell Flour  (Diatomaceous Earth)

The Only - 100% Certified Food Grade Fossil Shell Flour in Australia


There are a lot of claims been made in Australia.  Be sure to use the original Fossil Shell Flour, certified by O.M.R.I  (Organic Materials Review Institute - USA) and distributed by Avian Vitality.

If you are using Fossil Shell Flour from Australia, just ask for the food grade certification paperwork.  You will find that they cannot provide one.   Salt Water deposits do not have any affect on internal & external parasites and are a waste of money.


Please read before purchasing Fossil Shell Flour (Diatomaceous Earth) from just anywhere:-

I have done the research and trials for you  - not all fossil shell flours are the same, although claims will be made and prices will be too good to be true.


Check List  Warning :-

1.   Fossil Shell Flour should be snow white in colour.

      If your shell flour is NOT snow white, this means it has other contaminants in it.

      It is not safe for consumption - it is used in agriculture.

2.   Avian Vitality Fossil Shell Flour is 10microns.  This is key in the way it is designed to work, sny more than 10microns, it is to course for consumption and it will damage lungs.

3.   Must be certified Food Grade and have MSDS & OMRI Certification - results available.

4.   Natural fresh water deposit are the pure fossil shell flour.  Salt water shell flour diatoms will not      work, as the salt water renders the diatom too soft, and will not achieve results, wasting your money.

5.   Avian Vitality Fossil Shell Flour - we have done all the testing and research. We have proven   results, as our product is also endorsed by Reinhardt & Holga Molketin - South Africa.


Be sure to purchase the SAFE Avian Vitality - Fossil Shell Flour

100% Certified Food Grade - Pure Fossil Shell Flour 

Fully Certified Food Grade and approved for consumption.




(Diatomaceous Earth) FOR PROVEN RESULTS.


If you are still not convinced by what you have read - ask yourself this.

Why would Avian Vitality use the imported/ certified product over the Australian product.

Don't be fooled, as they have no benefits and may do your animals HARM, if they have the wrong size microns, they can cause bleeding and ultimately death.


For more information you are welcome to call or contact us via email.



Avian Vitality

 IVERMECTIN     General Knowledge:       

There has been no literature regarding long term use of Ivermectin.  But overuse, also will effect fertility with prolonged use for birds and is designed for cattle, sheep and  toxins will build up over time.

We recommend the use of Fossil Shell Flour to eliminate all insects and worms. 100%  Natural  the preferred safe method, naturally building bone, health and vitality naturally - results are amazing.  


See our Bird Shop for  our AV Fossil Shell Flour

  (500grm= $12.00 or 1kg = $20.00)


AV Pine Wood Chips



Picture 1 -  Dirty wet nest causing disease, mould, loss of chicks, using pine shavings. Using pine shavings is expensive, bags contain 50% air. Does not have the aborbsion rate of AV Pine Wood Chips.

 Can cause 1st day old chicks to be lost amongst shavings.

Picture 2 - Completely dry, healthy nest with AV Wood Pine Chips.  (Photo's have not been set up, in any way).   currently changing to this new proven nest box material.  ( No Dust).


Breeders Pack - 70 litre bags (approx 20kg) = $24

Handy Pack - 6kg = $8.

Available by arrangement, at shows, functions etc.

or by purchasing from our website.



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