Fossil Shell Flour:-


*  This will eliminate all internal parasites and can be placed on coats, on bedding to kill all external insects.

*  Will also eliminate E-coli bacteria, promote skeletal growth, repair and remove pain from arthritic joints, improve all round general health.


Dosage:  1/2  teaspoon per night in food / cat.



B9 Multi-Vitamin + Electrolyte:-


* Will detoxify and remove toxins, including heavy metals  such as - zinc, mercury, viruses, e-coli etc, pesticides, ammonia odours – all these things contribute to animals and birds not being able to gain nutrients, vitamins.

* As ammonia builds up and enables bad bacteria to flourish in the gut, absorbing all benefits before the animal or bird is able to benefit from supplements.  Leaving them run down and poor nutrition.

This should be given two / three times per week/ or daily for animals showing stress or signs of being run down, or until they have recovered - especially when travelling to and from shows.

Dosage: 1/2 teaspon per night in food / cat (3 nights per week only).

If welping, when give for 1 week before birthing & 1 week after, cutting back to 3 nights per week only.




AV Gold Oil Cats:-


* This formula of oil is not like any other oil, as 62% protein is highly beneficial for growth, omega 3,6 & 9 (2,4:1 ratio), so it works, selenium for healthy thyroid, plus activating vitamin E for fertility.


* Including a range of vitamins, minerals, amino acids built into the one Gold Oil.


Dosage:   1ml per cat / day.


Chia Seed -  Cats:-


* Aids wound healing / Has anti-allergic properties /Boosts the immune system.

* Good for respiratory system / Stronger, faster growing nails / Promotes a healthy glossy feathers/

* Repairs & maintains cellular walls / Encourages a strong metabolism.

* Supports a healthy heart and blood circulation / *  Maintains supple joints and healing in connective tissues / Assists correct development of nervous system, brain, muscles and skeleton/

* Economical - replaces several products in one simple grain / Chia has no strong flavour.

Dosage: - 1/2 teaspoon / cat sprinkled on feed.





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