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Vince & Joyce Muscat 

Amasterpiece Cattle Dogs.

“We would like to take this opportunity in thanking you guys for giving us the chance to sample your products on our SHOW DOGS.. Must say at first we were a bit skeptical.Well we tried it on most of our show dogs. They have now been on the Fossil Shell Flour and Avian Gold Dog Oil for approximately 3 months. The results have been quiet impressive to say the least – at last a product that delivers, what it promises…..

Megg our 18 month bitch has fully dropped her coat, we really noticed after using these products the coat came back in half the time and thicker, LUSHER COAT, as seen in the photo. She won Best Intermediate in show, at the A.C.D Specialty Show – 24th March, 2013.Mac our 3 year old male gave us trouble Getting weight on him, since using Avian products he has filled out considerably - and is looking stunning.

Thanks Heather and Jeff..

You make our DOGS SHINE..


Vince & Joyce Muscat

March, 2013


Peter & Pauline Gill

Tapua Labrador Retreivers Ph: 6345  0027 


We breed Labrador Retrievers the majority of our dogs go to service homes, the ADF or as companion and obedience dogs. I started using the Avian Vitality produce Fossil Shell, Avian B9 and the Avian Gold which is Omega 3,6,9 at the recommendation off a friend 12 months ago.  They are the only additives I give my dogs, which are on a high quality biscuit plus raw meat. The general wells being of my dogs have always been good, but the true merit of these products IMO are when my bitches are in whelp.

           This is Daffy Dog’s Story:-


One of our Labs ‘Daffy’ (CH Tapua Celtic Charm) was having her first litter. Due 8 August 2013 all was going well except she seemed to be taking a long time between the waters breaking and the first pup.  It was rising 2 hours from the time her waters broke and following consultation with my vet we decided on a caesarean section so off to our vets. 

Daffy is a bit different she likes to do things her own way, however, all went well with the Caesar and 9 beautiful puppies were born. Daffy’s uterus was healthy with no waist product or any indication for the delay, however the 9th pup had difficulties breathing and we probably would have lost him is there wasn’t a Caesar. Daffy isn’t a typical ditch in labour, she ate all the way through the labour and as soon as we offered her food after the op – we even checked her calcium and sugar levels and they were normaI!  You have got to love a Lab they don’t let anything get in the way of a meal. I contacted Heather regarding supplements to support Daffy during her recovery. The B9 Multi-Vitamin was suggested to be increased for the 1st week for stress and I added it to her diet. Daffy being Daffy continued to nurture her puppies well, despite her discomfort and raised all 9 pups well.


One of the problems I have had with bitches and pups are the development of worms before the age of 2 weeks.  I don’t like giving worming or syrup before that time but I have had to in past litters. Every bitch carries gestational worms which they pass onto their pups, but this was the second litter I added Fossil.


Shell to the bitch’s diets and later to the pup’s diet and no problems with worms at all. My husband calls the white Shell Powder ‘Fossil Fuel’. All pups have grown well and the little man who had breathing difficulties grew into a handsome pup and is currently a service dog for a lad with hearing difficulties.

I strongly recommend the Avian Vitality Canine products especially for bitches in whelp and their litters.


Pauline Gill  -   Tapua Labradors.

Woodstock NSW 






January 2015 (update statement)


I cannot praise highly enough the value that the Avian Vitality Fossil Flour and B9 contribute for our baby Labs. Since we started using these products our pups have thrived.

So pleased with the health of our pups.


Here is 6 week old Tapua Artic Warrior - many of our dogs go as service dogs and it is essential they have top health to do the jobs they are bred to do.

Check out our dogs all raised with Avian Vitality Canine Products on our website.





Amanda Williamson

Ashcroft Weinarmarers


July, 2014


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