Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane   -  100% Natural - 99.9% Pure  MSM Crystal Powder.

Pharmaceutical Grade

Product of USA.


 - Pain Relief

- Reflief from arthritis

- Daily Supply of sulphur

- Increase circulation

- Prevents inflammation

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  • MSM is versatile in its application and can be used alone or in combination with other active ingredients.
  • MSM is a water soluble white crystalline powder which blends easily with any mixture.
  • MSM is odorless and non-allergenic.
  • MSM has no known toxicity assuring safe use and handling.
  • MSM is patented and licensed material which provides assurance of its value in the nutritional and cosmetic industries.
  • MSM can be added to soft food mixes for birds and other animal foods if preferred. Because birds and animals often do not drink water on a regular basis, the addition of the powder to daily food ration, etc., may be considered more beneficial. Either way, the matter is one for individual judgment and preference.



Birds -  1/2 teasp per 1kg seed. 

Cats/ Dogs -  add to water or mix in food

Small - 1/2 teasppon

Large - 1 tablespoon





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