DMG is a great natural product to manage stress, optimize performance and improve endurance. It also protects the liver, stimulates the heart and circulation, aids digestion and reduces lactic acid in the muscle. DMG is a must during stress periods within the loft, breeding, racing and moulting.



- Helps prevent muscle fatigue and cramp

- Less lactic acid is formed during muscle work

-  Reduces breakdown of muscle tissue and helps protect muscle against injury

- Greatly improves endurance and stamina



N-N, DIMETHYLGLYCINE  /   Also known as DMG, Vitamin B15 or Pangamic Acid 80,000mg/kg

Energy source -  Glucose Transporter  920g/kg



Racing Season  -   Add 2.5g per litre

Monday through to Friday prior to racing

Can be combined in drinking water with all other Aviform products

Aviform Dymethylform - 500g