New Formula Stamina & Endurance Supplement for Racing Pigeons


New ultra formula Force 13 is a combined Booster, Stamina and Endurance Supplement as a single product, for addition to drinking water, as a direct replacement for both Force 12 + DMG and Avimax.

Force 13 offers all the performance benefits of both Avimax and Force 12 + DMG, but as a single liquid product for rapid absorption and at a price that is lower per ml than Avimax alone.

Although Force 13 is a direct replacement for both Avimax and Force 12 + DMG combined, Force 12 + DMG will continue to be available as a separate product



At Aviform we are committed to ensuring that your pigeon is at its optimum health by producing a range of supplements with the finest ingredients, with every Aviform formulation backed by more than 30 years pigeon health expertise.



New ultra formula Force 13 contains high levels of the amino acid l-Carnitine, an ingredient that has been extensively researched in racing pigeons and proven to promote greater performance and recovery.

Force 13 also contains vitamin B12, amongst the most important nutrients in the racing pigeon sport. However, we don't just use standard vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin) as found in almost all other products, we use Methylcobalamin, the highly bio-available coenzyme form of vitamin B12, which offers no loss of activity and almost complete utilisation (unlike the standard ingredient).

To complete the Force 13 formulation is DMG (also known as Vitamin B15). A great natural ingredient to manage stress, optimise performance and improve endurance. Aviform were the first company in the UK to introduce DMG for Racing Pigeons, back in the early 1980s.


Suitable for both old bird and young bird racing, Force 13 can be used as a standalone product or combined with Aviform Ultimate 11 in 1 as part of our new simplified product application plan.  We believe this to be the most complete 'Racing Pigeon Performance Product' currently available.



- Promotes conversion of long chain fatty acids to energy for the flight muscles.

- Ensures a sustained supply of energy.

- Helps prevent muscle fatigue and cramp.

- Less lactic acid is formed during muscle work, since fatty acids rather than carbohydrates are converted to energy.

- Reduces the content of fatty acids in the blood by promoting their conversion to energy.

- Reduces breakdown of muscle tissue and helps protect muscle against injury.

- Promotes increased oxygen utilisation.

- Improves metabolism of protein, fat and carbohydrates.-

Greatly improves endurance and stamina.

- Much faster post race recovery.



- 100% pure I-Carnitine as a solution for rapid absorption

- 100% pure Methlycobalamin (High Bio-availability coenzyme form of Vit B12)

- 100% pure N-N, Dimethylclycine (also known as DMG or Vit B 15).

- Methylcobalamin is the highly bio-availabile coenzyme form of vitamin B12. No loss of activity, with almost complete utilisation. Not to be confused with and unlike ordinary B12 Cyanocobalamin used in almost all other products, where 60-70% of the active ingredient is expelled.



- Add 10ml per litre (2 pints approx) to your pigeons' drinking water

- Use for 5 days per week (Monday to Friday) for old bird racing

- Can be reduced to 3 days per week (Monday to Friday) for young bird racing

- Force 13 can be mixed in drinking water with all other Aviform products (as required) and many other pigeon products available.

The pump fitted to the 2500ml size. 1 pump = 5ml. (2 pumps per litre drinking water). Using a 4 pint drinker - you need 4 pumps  PUMPS CAN BE PURCHASED SEPARATELY.

Aviform - Force 13 - 2.5 litre


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