Livamol Supplement 2kg
Livamol – Protein Meal (2kg bag) 
Re-bagged - in a zip locked bag to retain freshness.

This product intensifies colour of red / brown & chocolate coats on animals. Proven formula of oils and oilseed meals, all selected for their ability to improve skin and coat condition.

A new richness of colour and sheen in the coat is produced in 14 days or less, generally matched by a brighter, more alert attitude.

'Cool' energy and good health is a promise Livamol can easily fulfil. Prime protein meals, blended with dried molasses and (cool) energy sources have been balanced with trace minerals and essential vitamins to produce a concentrated and nutritious feed additive.

Vitamin A, B 12, D 3, B 1, B 2, B 6 / Copper 3mg /Protein 40g / Iron 0.5g / Calcium 8g / Iodine 17 mcg / Phosphorus 4g / Manganes 20mg / Cobalt 15mcg / Zinc 5mg

Using a unique technique for transforming liquid molasses into a convenient powder form, Livamol was created by the fusion of the 'Dried Molasses' as it was called, with prime protein meals. Cod Liver Oil, Calcium and Phosphorus and essential Vitamins and Minerals. The result is a rich palatable meal which is appealing to the animal. The ingredients in Livamol include a range of protein meals, molasses, pollard, limestone DCP and Cod Liver Oil.
Livamol is especially appropriate for show animals, for young and convalescent individuals. The unique combination of ingredients in Livamol has a positive effect on coat condition and colour.

Feed Livamol mixed into feed or by free access in a separate containers.

Livamol Supplement 2kg


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