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Orego Stim 

Manufacturred in UK - 100% natural 



- Anti-diarrhoeal

- Anti-oxidant effects

- Traceability FEMAS accredited

- Compatible with all products

- No bacterial resistance

- No residues

- Safe - active ingredient GRAS registered by the FDA

- Certified by the for use in organic systems


Dosage - Birds. Pigeons

1.5ml to 4 litres. of water

This product can be used in conjuction with vitamins, water cleansers etc. without any side effects..



Keep in a cool, dr place out of direct sunlight.

Close container securely after use.

Keep out of reach of children

Once oepened use within 2 years of opening.. 

Shake well before usage. 

Orego Stim - 1 litre


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