Pick an additional post bag.

Note there are four sizes, based on volume - not KG.

each bag holds up to 5kg.



Small up to 5kg  = $12.00   (size of bag - 300 x 200mm) - e.g 2kg of Livamol

Medium up to 5kg  = $14.00  (size of bag - 390 x 270mm)

Large up to 5kg   =  $16.00   (size of bag - 405 x 315mm) - e.g 2 x Millet sprays (bulky)
Extra Large up to 5kg  = $19.50   (size of bag - 510 x 440mm)

​For additional post bags just click on the  red post bag - to add additional bags into your cart.


If you are bulk ordering - competitive Courier rates e.g 20kg to Newcastle NSW  = $15.

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Add up the weights of your goods, check the bulk size to put into the right size bag.


Remember - at the bottom of your cart is a drop box to select your main post bag also. 

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