Raticide (Mouse & Rat) Poison 1kg
Raticide (mouse & rat poison)- 1kg tub

Introductory Offer = $25.00

Please use this product responsibly, as it is lethal to anything that consumes it.
Keep away from children and pets.

Also be aware - that is has a secondary affect and/or death to anything that consumes the rodent, killed by this poison - will also be poisoned.

Tip to administer:
- Do not heap into container, just a small single layer in container to detect if vermin are around.
- Also have a small dish of water for vermin to drink, as they will eat and drink at the same place, and will consume bait and gain quick eradication.

Contains - Oats, sugar - vermin love eating this product.

** Normal price - up to $38/ kilo tub **

Raticide (Mouse & Rat) Poison 1kg


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