Squirt Cool Mats fr $45.00
Squirt Cool Mats - 3 sizes

The coolest way to escape the heat for your pets. At home or at shows, on the travel. The weight of the cat & dog immediately activates the unique gel to provide a surface that is lower than the ambient temperature.


No Electricity

No Batteries

No Cables

No Water

No Refilling

No Refrigeration

No Freezing.

Sizes Available:

Mini 40cm x 50cm - 1.25kg weight = $45.00 ea

Midi 90cm x 60cm - 2.80kg weight = $65.00 ea

Maxi 110cm x 70cm - 3.75g weight = $85.00 ea

Please contact us for postage costs - on multiple mats.

Squirt Cool Mats fr $45.00

Squirt Cool Mat

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