Pigeon breeders - due to Aviform 11 in 1 / Avian Complete importing restrictions - we have be searching for a replacement product - please note highly recommend Hilton Herbs Superfit and this new product from Vetafarm Multivet.   Benefits are listed. 


Multivet & Moulting Aid

Liquid vitamin, mineral and amino acid supplement for addition to water or soft foods. Supports seed eating birds during the nutritionally demanding moulting period. Can be used all year round as a maintenance supplement for seed eating birds with great results. Specific amino acids aid in the strong development of healthy, vibrant plumage and relieve nutritional strain on moulting birds.


During the moult, the bird’s demand for nutrients is approximately 2 – 2.5 times that of a non-moulting, non breeding bird. Remember to feed your moulting birds well!


Moulting Aid contains soluble vitamins, minerals and amino acids in a form suitable for addition to the food or water of moulting birds.


The proteinated (chelated) minerals in Moulting Aid are formulated to make them readily water-soluble and easily absorbed from the gut. As seed supplies fluctuate in the amounts of trace minerals and vitamins they contain, it is important during the high demand time of moulting, to supplement the diet with an easily absorbed form of these nutrients to ensure the best feathers for the next season.



All birds on seed diets. Moulting Aid is a great year round vitamin, mineral, amino acid supplement. Particularly effective during the moult when the demand for specific amino acids is increased.


Dosage & Use; 

Mix 0.5mL of Moulting Aid with 150mL of clean drinking water and supply for 3-5 days each week during moulting season.
On food, add 5mLs of Moulting Aid to approximately 1Kg of soft or wet feeds.

    Vetafarm - Multivet 1 litre


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