* Unlike pine shavings - which do not hold moisture, become wet causing dampness in nest boxes, which is the cause of sick chicks and growing mould.   

* Our woodchips are perfect for nesting materials, on floors or nest boxes, will keep your birds  and animals. dry - gaining those  perfect white dry droppings, keeping birds comfortable an clean. 


 * Non Toxix - Kiln Dried.

*  Pine Scented.
*  Processing includes - F10 Disinfectant in conjuction in manufacturing.

Range of uses:
* Bird nesting material.
* ideal for floors in aviaries.
* Reptile bedding. / guinea pig/ rabbit + more.
* 100% natural, can be used for garden mulch.

** We can freight this item with our courier only **.

Please email us for a price to your destination.

Wood Chip - 10kg