Liquid Iodine


Iodine deficiency in birds, can cause enlargement of the thyroid glands, which is a slow process.  The glands are located in the neck region.   This deficiency causes the glands to intrude on other organs (trachea and oesophagus), this can cause changes in voice, breathing and swallowing.

Squeaking noises, wheezing, regurgitation, vomiting and weight loss.  

Some cases show a swelling occurring in the neck region, causing abnormal head position to aid breathing.

Signs of hypothyroidism, weight gain, lethargy, fatty deposits, poor feather quality, convulsions and sudden death are results of iodine deficiency.

All seed diets are lacking in iodine, which causes iodine deficiency and availability to the thyroid glands – leaving hoist with thyroxine levels to low to support epithelial cells causing goitrogenic lumps (foods like – brussels sprouts, cabbage, flaxseed, turnips, kale, peanuts and soy beans) can also cause iodine deficiency.  These substances block the production of hormone thyroxine –  even when iodine is present in the diet. 


Budgerigars can also be mis-diagnosed from goitres in the neck, but when given iodine in the diet – these will settle down.  If symptoms still are present, this could also be a tumour – veterinary  assistance would be necessary.  If your bird is suspected of being iodine deficient and is severely ill, it would need to be injected once levels have been checked of iodine by your local vet.


Information provided is a guide only, and we make no claims, nor will we be held responsible for any use of this product (overdosing, incorrect diagnoses or death).   

Please consult your vet if you have any concerns with your birds, showing symptoms listed above.



2 drops / 1 litre of dinking water  (twice a week). 

Can be combined when using other vitamins

Comes with eye dropper.

Use by is unlimited - provided it's kept in a dark cool place.

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