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Being using this product for a while and can see a benefit in the birds.  I am also using vitamins and ion tonic in the same mix of water - highly recommended.


MSM for Racing Pigeons, Cage & Aviary Birds & Domestic Animals.

MSM is ideally suited for racing pigeon's and cage and aviary birds. Because it is said to help fortify the body's natural barriers against allergens, it could play an important role in eliminating or reducing allergic reaction to dust particles often found in lofts, aviaries, cages, etc. Its potential to strengthen the lungs and regulate the fluid that covers the surface of the airways is another important factor in dealing with atmospheric pollution.

Efficient carbohydrate metabolism is one of the factors essential for health. This is particularly important where the basic diet is primarily one of seeds and cereals r complete food mixtures, in the case of dogs, cats and other domestic mammals. MSM helps make the cells more permeable, increasing their potential to absorb blood sugar.

Because sulphur is necessary for the production of collagen and keratin - proteins essential for the health and maintenance of skin, feathers and claws - MSM may help enhance tissue pliability and encourage the repair of damaged skin.

An efficient digestion in man, animal and birds is essential for the proper extraction of the nutrients contained in food. For example, thiamine - a sulphur bearing vitamin - helps in metabolizing and digesting fats, starches and proteins. This is particularly important for racing pigeons and other birds and animals for strenuous pursuits.

Sulphur is essential for the formation of a good skeletal structure, playing an important role in the formation of collagen and glucosamine - vital components for health bones, joints, ligament's and suchlike. It also helps to efficiently remove toxins from the system - an important health factor.

Varying amounts of sulphur are present in grasses, seeds, cereals and other freshly harvested, uncooked foods. However, such amounts vary considerably because of soil quality, harvesting techniques, type and length of storage and many other factors. Because of these imponderables, it is impossible to assess the amount of sulphur contained in food at any one time, unless such food is scientifically analyzed immediately before feeding - a practical impossibility for most people!

To make certain that sufficient sulphur is contained in the diet, daily supplementation is the obvious course. The following maintenance dosages will be found adequate in most cases.


Where a particular health problem exists for which MSM may be considered remedial or helpful, the dosage may be increased to 1.2 a level teaspoon to 250mls of water or pro rata.

Racing Pigeons, Cage & Aviary Birds. Domestic Animals: 1/4 level teaspoonful of MSM to 250 mils of water or pro-rata. Stir until powder is dissolved and feed fresh daily.

Why Use MSM ?

  • MSM is versatile in its application and can be used alone or in combination with other active ingredients.

  • MSM is a water soluble white crystalline powder which blends easily with any mixture.

  • MSM is odorless and non-allergenic.

  • MSM has no known toxicity assuring safe use and handling.

  • MSM is patented and licensed material which provides assurance of its value in the nutritional and cosmetic industries.

  • MSM can be added to soft food mixes for birds and other animal foods if preferred. Because birds and animals often do not drink water on a regular basis, the addition of the powder to daily food ration, etc., may be considered more beneficial. Either way, the matter is one for individual judgment and preference.

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