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100% Natural Supplements + Electrolytes


Benefits; For stressed or sick birds, dog & cats (contains no garlic)

Leading up to birthing for dogs, increase for added benefits to the bitch before whelping.

- 78 trace elements/ minerals
-  24 Botanical Extracts + 35 Enzymes.
- Certified Organic - 100% Totally Natural
- Boosts stabilizes and regulates immune systems.
- Helps remove toxins/ Heavy metals e.g. lead, mercury etc.
- Vitamins & Amino Acids + Fossil Shell Flour
- Increases weight gain in sick / weak adult birds, cats & dogs.
-  Ideal before and after a show, travelling or a breeding season.

Birds - Mix 1/2 teaspoon in 5kg seed (dry - approx 3 times per week).
Can be mixed in soft foods (wet) at the rate 1/2 teasp / 2 kilo's of soft food. 


1/2 teaspoon daily for dogs - mixed in soft or dry food., then maximum 3 times per week, after whelping.

1/4 teasp ddaily for cats, mixed in soft or dry good.  Then maximum 3 times per week, after whelping.

B9 - 2 sizes


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