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Food grade - (Humans/ Birds/ Cats/ & Dogs)

2 SIZES -  1kg & 5kg



300 million years old from the Himalaya’s. Natural mined, crushed, screened, and packaged sea salt Unrefined natural pink colour .

- Over 80 trace minerals including iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, Iodine etc.

-  All natural, unrefined, and alkalizing, mineral-rich sea salt Benefits:

-  Useful for curtailing feather plucking in birds, lacking salt in diet.

- Contains over 10x times more essential minerals than ordinary sea salt

- Penetrates exterior layers of dead skin and stimulates living skin to release toxins. 

- Soothes Stiff, Sore and Aching Muscles / Aids in Detoxification

-  Help Improve Circulation * Promote Sound, Restful Sleep

- Ease away Stress in the Mind and Body Applications.

- Use as table salt and in cooking /  Salt Bathing for Cleansing Toxins

- To drink as an oral salt solution  / Gargling and Brushing Teeth 

- Rinsing Nasal Passages to help with common allergy symptoms / Cleasing Wounds

-  Foot Bath for Athlete’s Foot




Bath 1 heaped tablespoon Foot soak - 1/2 tablespoon in warm water.


Mix 1 teasp in grit. Or 1/4 teasp/ltr water for drinking

Cats & Dogs;

Pinch of salt, in daily feeds.

    Himalyan Pink Salt - 2 sizes


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