Ion Tonic - 100% Natural

500g = $18.00

1 litre = $36.00

Kills bacteria, viruses, fungal spores, coccidiodsis, mega-bacteria, eye infections, cuts, parasites.
- General health add 10ml/ltre of drinking water.
- Birds unwell -  1 - 2 drops,  directly to the beak (morning & night)
- Eye infections - 1 drop direct to eye (morning & night)
- Sprouting seed - add 10ml /1 ltr water for soaking seed, to remove bacteria, fungal spores and fermentation.
- can be used for cuts, wounds  infections - promotes healing.

The results above are merely from my own experience & make no claims that you will get the same results.

-Do not administer with any metal implement or objects (spoons, crop needles etc.) ONLY USE PLASTIC OR GLASS - as metal dilutes contents.

- Do not refrigerate, keep at room temperature, away from sunlight.

- Product has a 12 month use by date on label, but if kept under correct conditions, will last up to 2 years without issue.

Ion Tonic - 2 sizes