100% natural - food grade
1kg OR 4.5kg - Breeders Pack

Imported from South Africa - Tiny seed - Huge Benefits:

- This seed is grown & imported from South Africa.
- It has many benefits & uses, for bird consumption, as it is a natural grain it also can be consumed in smoothies/ shakes/ dressings/ salads/ cooking (meat dishes)
& is ideal for vegetarians.

Africana is a complete protein, which contains a proportion of all nine of the essential amino acids necessary for the dietary needs of humans or other animals.

Lysine 3.7, Isoleucine 4.1, Leucine 8.5, Valine 5.5,
Phenylalanine 5.7, Tyrosine 3.8, Trptophan 1.3, Treonine 4.3, Linoleic acid (LA) 0.8. a-linoleic acid (ALA) 0.14. LA:ALA Ratio 7:1. Alanine 10.1. Crude Fat 2.5. total polyunsaturated fatty acids 1.1, Serine 4.1, Glutamine + Glutaminc Acid 21.8, Proline 8.2, Glycine 3.1,
Histidine 3.2, Arginine 5.2, Methionine 4.1, Cystine 2.5, Asparagine 6.4.



Initially place seed in dish (neat) in flights – to see how much seed is consumed.
- Adjust portions to suit number of birds.
- Can be fed neat in finger drawers.
- 1 teasp/ supplement feed mixes.

Please note - this seed is exclusive to Avian Vitality and not available anywhere else.

Seed is also viable (will sprout).

Africana seed - 2 sizes