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STATEMENT - Con Herouvim





I firmly believe in feeding the birds with as much natural product and lots of protein – which over the few short years I’ve been in the hobby, my birds have improved – in shoulder and in feather.

As feeding multiple products and being asked by fellow breeders my feeding programme, I know it is too hard for time poor breeders to mix all the products necessary to get the birds in the necessary health and feather quality for showing and breeding.

I have after years of experimenting  - believe I have the formula to produce healthy, well feathered birds that are very fertile.  The formula contains (Vitamins, amino -acids, proteins – plus more), making it easy to use, with the same benefits.

It’s all human grade products, it is also beneficial for dogs.  I’ve always said feed that feather.  The product contains 35% protein.  Nearly every vitamin from A-K, amino acids - plus more.


Large available only

Size -  Product is packaged in a 1 litre  plastic container, and is not sold by weight.  

As the powder is very fine and is too difficult to measure with exact amounts. 

Each jar contains less than 500grms and more than 440grms  of product.


Dosage – 1 teaspn per 1 – 1.5kg of dry seed or soft food


Top Tip – take required amount of seed, add teaspn of powder - then add 5ml of oil, mix thoroughly.


If using any soft food moisture content will be sufficient to just add Hero’s powder.


Made by Con Herouvim, and is exclusive to Avian Vitality.



HERO'S Food Enhancer


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