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Ideal for cage & avairy birds  - 

(1 bag will fit in a large post bag, if you purchase more than 1 bag, please call us to arrange postage).


 ContainsNatural mix of clean small seeds,  AV Volcamin grit, Africana, Sunflower kibble,

hulled oats & AV Bird Booster. Wheat Germ, Corn meal, semolina, sorghum, soya bean, protein, seaweed, poppy seeds, rice, linseed. Omega 3, essential fatty acids,

Vit A, B2, D3, E, K, D-Calcium, 18% protein,    4% fat, 7% fiber, 8.0% salt.  + Protexin Probiotic. 


Feed - in dishes as a supplement



Grains- Green & Grits 3.8kg


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